Check out the OFFICIAL Broken” by Tanille page!!!

Check out the OFFICIAL Broken” by Tanille page!!!  Spread the word, tell your friends!!! 

Buy “Broken” by Tanille today! Comes with the 2 biggest hit singles of the summer!!!!”All of Me” & “It’s Not ok”

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"The thought of Noel being the past still left me feeling hollow. Was Merek enough? Could he ever be enough to fill the place I had for Noel?"-"Broken" by Tanille

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“Behind the guise of a smile and the enchantment of a girl’s eyes would grow the deepest sorrow I had ever known.” - “Broken” by Tanille 

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LATEST “Broken” by Tanille Review!!

Author/Songwriter Tanille has done it again! In her latest novel, “Broken”, we start off with a very unique hook.  The Supermodel who has everything.  Beauty, Smarts, Luxuries. She also happens to be deaf.  This is a three part series in which we see her own who she is in the midst of New York’s fabulous teen lifestyle.  We see a refreshing take on the New York popular high school crowd with its environmentally friendly and technologically clever attitude.  Milan is the sort of girl everyone wants to be, the “listener” and the “lover”, not just the narcissistic heroine the movies sometimes tend to show.  It is a darker love story than Tanille’s previous bestseller “Cameo” but with all of the romantic thriller elements mixed in! It is such an inspiration to read about a strong character as we see a coming of age story with a unique twist. 

“Behind the guise of a smile and the enchantment of a girl’s eyes would grow the deepest sorrow Ihad ever known. Had a final death come to our love?” – “Broken” by Tanille

“Broken” by Tanille also comes free with two of her BIGGEST summer hits “All of Me” and “It’s Not Okay”.