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Dangerous Black Woman: Tanille

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#IVM Contest
What is #IVM? #IVM stands for I Value Me a concept on self-love, and self acceptance created by Tanille author of Cameo and singer/songwriter of songs like Baby Comeback to Me.

Enter to WIN the #IVM Contest Now. Winners receive a copy of suspense thriller Cameo and a preview e-copy of the new romantic thriller Broken by Tanille launching this June.

How do I enter? Do the following: 1) Tell us what #IVM means to you. What do you do to value yourself: grab a nap, exercise, smile in the mirror, get a manicure…Post your answers as a comment below 2) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 3) Share the contest via YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or Facebook. Include the link to your share in your posted comment on this video.

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Interview - Tanille - author/singer - Girl Zone

Super fun Girl Talk by Tanille. Thanks so much Girl Zone

Feel It by Tanille
In Vogue #IVM a Cosmopolitan Way to Love
What is really central to all my music and writing is this concept of #IVM, I Value Me. We deserve love, respect and to come first. No one can properly value you for all that you are: creative, special, talented, smart, and more, if you don’t value yourself. I value me and I value you – my readers, my fans, my fellow girls and young women.
Fall is a harbinger of change. It’s time we change the way we see ourselves. Harvest love for yourself. And join me in valuing you!
#IVM Tell your friends, your mothers, your sisters, and yourself daily. I Value Me

Tanille is the definition of a positive role model for young women. She has released two heavily-downloaded singles: Baby Come Back to Me and Feel It and has written the steamy summer read, Cameo. Recently ranked #15 Amazon Kindle, Cameo is a page turning who done packed with mystery, drama, and style. Tanille started out in writing with her first screenplay at 16, graduated Magna Cum Laude MBA from Adelphi University at 21, and has spent her time developing her Pop R & B performance/songwriting style.
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Interview with Tanille
Celebrity Beauty Tanille Voices an Inspirational Message
Celebrity Beauty Tanille Voices an Inspirational Message (via PR Newswire)

Download image Download image NEW YORK, Aug. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ”Celebrity Beauty” is what international beauty magazine “Salon Today UK” titled Tanille’s new summer beauty spread. “You have to feel love for yourself, in order to feel and look…


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“Every second of every hour you claim love. I don’t really see it, frankly I kind of fear it” Feel It by Tanille. Add 2 UR playlist now!